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What is "Just Transition"?

Getting it Right: A Just Transition Strategy for Alberta’s Coal Workers

This report examines a just transition in the context of Alberta, Canada’s phase-out of coal-fired electricity generation and uses previous experiences to outline best practices.


This report analyzes the changes in the electricity-generation sector in Alberta in response to the Government of Alberta and Government of Canada’s decision to phase out emissions from coal-fired electricity generation by 2030. The paper explores a just transition in the context of these changes and emphasizes the need for a fair transition for workers.

The report examines case studies from different regions and discusses lessons learned from Alberta’s phase-out of coal-fired electricity generation. The authors emphasize the need to provide well-paid alternative jobs and advocate for a highly targeted and specific plan that involves labor organizations, workers, and communities to ensure each stakeholder’s interests are considered. This report calls for government leadership, but also for the establishment of an independent agency, potentially called the Alberta Economic Adjustment Agency (AEAA), that would oversee the transition free of political interference.