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What is "Just Transition"?

Strengthening Just Transition Policies in International Climate Governance

This document provides a brief history of just transitions in the context of climate action, identifies key policy areas of a just transition, and offers recommendations for incorporating the concept into international climate change policy.


This policy analysis brief provides a succinct but comprehensive overview of just transitions in the context of international climate governance. It explains the history and growth of the concept of a just transition, exploring its current meaning(s) and significance as a tool to garner support for ambitious climate action. It identifies areas where policies are needed to protect workers and communities from the potential impacts of specific climate actions and to develop different economic models.

Drawing on International Labor Organization (ILO) guidelines, it identifies key policies that are critical to a just transition strategy and provides brief examples of their implementation in climate and energy transitions. Lastly, it provides recommendations on how to further incorporate the concept of a just transition into international forums to advance a positive, pro-people vision of the international climate regime.